My Work History

I began my career as a molecular biologist at the National Institutes of Health. After 3 years in science, I left the NIH to pursue a medical career in business development. I thrive building teams of leaders in the wellness space throughout the world. I owned Serenity Zone, a brick-and-mortar medical spa, where I practiced as a health coach.

My Team

You’d be surprised.

Your network conspires in your favor when you let down your guard and ask for what you want from life.

My Story

I wanted to live a life I loved, to make my passions my full-time career, and earn a living without having to sacrifice my health and personal relationships.

The problem was, I didn’t know how to cram more work into my insanely busy work schedule to create this new life. I only had time to stay afloat-to juggle my day job, manage my 15 employee small business, make payroll, pay the mortgage, make payroll, pay the mortgage, grow the business, make payroll… It was a productive cycle with lots of progress, but I had no life! I had no clue how I could ever escape what I had created.

Was it possible to do what I love? Make a great living? Travel the world? Help others?

For so many of us, we feel we have to choose. Career or family. A career we love or a career that pays the bills. Small business ownership or a secure day job.

Has success really arrived when you have obligations you resent? A highly successful career that you have lost passion for? A fantastic spouse you never get to see because you’re always at work? A small business that you LOVE, but you can’t focus on because of the day job you must keep to pay the bills?

What if you could make business decisions that would allow you to gain control of your finances and TIME?

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